A New Site

This new site has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here.  Many thanks to Liz Duck-Chong for all her help in setting it up.  

The world of a freelance singer, especially one who does not specialise in operatic repertoire, is always a rich and varied adventure. Over the years I’ve sung some amazing works with some amazing people in some amazing places ranging through the centuries, but there is always more to find and share with audiences. I have never been content to stay in the safe realm of mainstream repertoire. I love the thrill of discovering old works or commissioning new works and then crafting programs to introduce them to new audiences, presenting solo and chamber recitals in public venues and private homes and working alongside like-minded artists to make music come alive for audiences. Over the years I have established opportunities to get alongside students at secondary and tertiary levels and share with them the scope of contemporary vocal music, the role of the singer as a chamber musician and to work in private lessons and masterclasses to train a new generation of singers and composers.  

In other news, I am now the sole creative director role of the ensemble Halcyon, with my musical partner of 17 years, Alison, stepping down at the end of 2014. In this new phase, Halcyon will remain committed to commissioning, recording and performing excellent new music, and will continue to collaborate and grow its community of musicians, composers, patrons and friends.

On this new site information will be updated to reflect what’s happening in my professional world. Through this News page (and Halcyon’s newsletter) you’ll be able to access information about new projects as well as regular updates about older projects as soon as they happen. On the Listen page you’ll find new audio and video clips, and I am working through a back catalogue of recordings and video to find more things to share. Finally, if you want to stay updated about new performance dates, you’ll see them first here! On the Dates page you can even sign up to an email prompt purely for new concert dates so you never miss an event.

There’s a lot of new things to see and hear on the site, so take a look around and come back soon for more updates.