Kerry Andrew fruit songs: Women's Work, Halcyon

“Jenny Duck-Chong sang Kerry Andrew's witty, capricious Fruit Songs for voice and guitar (Ken Murray) with apt archness and brilliant timing.”

Peter McCallum - The Sydney Morning Herald (2014)

Giving Voice, Halcyon

“One of the most important and satisfying concerts in Sydney for a very long time....Duck-Chong sang beautifully, pointing the texts and adding meaning with perfectly placed nuances.”

Alan Holley - Classikon (2014)

A Century of Song, recital with pianist Sally Whitwell

“Few of our singers have as broad a repertoire – early music to avant-garde – and as comfortingly pleasing a vocal tone and manner of delivery as mezzo soprano Jenny Duck-Chong. Her recital, with wholly accordant piano partner Sally Whitwell, in St Andrew’s Cathedral late last month, made a remarkable, though not unexpected, impact – and not only because she managed to pack more than 30 songs into 90 minutes, but also because she sang many from memory, and sounded confident singing in French, Spanish and English."

Fred Blanks - The North Shore Times (2008)

George Benjamin Upon Silence: B3, Halcyon

“With the sepulchral strings making "no more sound than the mice make", mezzo Jenny Duck-Chong gave a superbly human and musically accurate impersonation of creativity on the brink."

Graeme Skinner - Sydney Morning Herald (2008)

Kaija Saariaho Miranda's Lament from The Tempest Songbook: 10th birthday concert, Halcyon

“The delicate forest footsteps and intricate, hushed beauty of 'Miranda's Lament' from Kaija Saariaho's The Tempest Songbook drew another wonderful performance from Duck-Chong."

Benjamin Miller - resonate (2008)

10th birthday concert, Halcyon: Luciano Berio's Folksongs

“Luciano Berio's Folk Songs, for example, may sound deceptively simple — after all, they're just folk songs, aren't they? — until you realise they were written for the legendary Cathy Berberian, accompanied by a highly artful orchestration. So when Duck-Chong and her classy band take up the challenge and make these songs their own, it is an impressive and hugely enjoyable achievement."

Harriet Cunningham - Sydney Morning Herald (2008)

Györgi Ligeti Sippàl, Dobbàl, Nadihegedüvel: Tehillim, Halcyon, Synergy Percussion, Ensemble Offspring

“Jenny Duck-Chong took on the acrobatics of the vocal part with a gleam in her eye and a glow in her voice."

Harriet Cunningham - Sydney Morning Herald (2007)

Sydney Guitar trio recital

“The extraordinarily versatile and gifted mezzo soprano"

Fred Blanks - The North Shore Times (2006)

James Macmillan Raising Sparks: Raising Sparks, Halcyon

“Duck-Chong was vivid, dramatic and powerful here, holding together its dark narrative with inner intensity and urgency.

Peter McCallum - Sydney Morning Herald (2003)

Ross Edwards The Hermit of Green Light & Maninya V: Earth Jewels, Halcyon

“In this work, and in Maninya V in the second half, also by Edwards, Duck-Chong sang with a lower register, dark and firm, while the top range glowed with palpability and presence,"

Peter McCallum - Sydney Morning Herald (2003)

Henry Purcell Dido and Aeneas: Jubilate Singers & Willoughby Symphony Orchestra

“Duck-Chong was a Dido to die for and eventually with, singing with great fervour and beauty and acting effectively."

David Gyger - Opera-Opera (2001)

Luciano Berio Folksongs: Music for Voices and Instruments & Sydney Alpha Ensemble concert

“I have never heard her sing better, especially in the geographic peregrinations of Berio’s arrangements:  she had a great affinity with every mood of this chameleon score, from the skittish to the melancholy.  Music of great refreshment."

John Carmody - The Sun-Herald (1998)

Maurice Ravel Trois Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé: Music for Voices and Instruments & Sydney Alpha Ensemble concert

“...sung with just the right touch of trance and shadow...a mind expanding concert.”

Fred Blanks - The Northern Herald (1998)

Claudo Monteverdi Vespers of the Blessed Virgin

“Her duets with (Jane)Edwards were beautiful and the brief snatches of her on her own whetted the appetite for more.”

Laurie Strachan - The Sun-Herald (1997)

French song recital with pianist Gabriella Pusner

“Mezzo-soprano Jenny Duck-Chong, always an exceptionally intuitive and understanding singer, found her way very surely into the heart and soul of songs by Poulenc, Satie, Debussy, Duparc and Fauré...she was equally impressive in the epigrammatic humour of Poulenc’s Le Bestiaire, the climactic love cry of Fauré’s La Lune Blanche and the refined intensity of Duparc’s Chanson Triste.”

Fred Blanks - The Northern Herald (1996)

Luciano Berio Folksongs: Opera Mode

“Jenny Duck-Chong’s performance of Luciano Berio’s Folksongs ... was a real gem of the art of performance based largely on personal charisma.  All she did was stand there and sing but Duck-Chong commanded constant attention – partly through the excellence of her singing...and partly because she managed so extraordinarily to turn the mechanics of singing into an art form in itself.  Duck-Chong’s performance proved that some essentially concert music can provide a significant theatrical experience when it is delivered as brilliantly as it was on this occasion.”

David Gyger - Opera Australia (1989)