Repertoire Highlights

WP World premiere         AP Australian premiere         C commissioned for Jenny

Bach, J.S. B minor Mass, Christmas Oratorio, Magnificat, St John Passion, St Matthew Passion
Handel Messiah, Dixit Dominus
Monteverdi Messenger in L’Orfeo  buy
Monteverdi Vespers of the Blessed Virgin 1610
Pergolesi Stabat Mater
Pergolesi arr. J.S. Bach Psalm 51
Purcell Dido in Dido & Aeneas
Purcell Come Ye Sons of Art
Vivaldi Gloria (SATB and SSAA solo version)
Bach, C.P.E. Magnificat
Haydn Stabat Mater, Missa Brevis
Mozart Requiem, Regina Coeli, Vesperae solennes de Confessore
Mendelssohn Elijah
Bernstein The Chichester Psalms
Honegger Le Roi David
Loomes Mother in The Boat (2003) WP
Tippett A Child of our Time
Vaughan Williams Serenade to Music

Britten Phaedra
Falla El Amor Brujo
Faure La Naissance de Venus listenbuy
Gubaidulina Now Like Snow

Bach, J.S. Lamento d'Arianna (from performer's own edition)
Monteverdi Numerous cantatas including Cantata no. 169: Gott soll allein mein Herze haben and Cantata no. 170: Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust
Works by Handell, Purcell.
Chausson Chanson perpetuelle - voice, string quartet and piano
Beamish Buzz (1993) AP - voice and viola listenbuy
Benjamin Upon Silence (1991) AP - mezzo and ensemble  
Berio Folksongs (1964) - voice, flute, clarinet, viola, cello, harp and 2 percussion  
Berkeley, M. Winter Fragments (1996) AP - mezzo and ensemble  
Boyd Cycle of Love (1981) WP - mezzo and ensemble
Butterley Carmina: Four Latin Poems of Spring (1968 rev. 1990) - mezzo and wind quintet  
Cage Forever and Sunsmell (1942) - voice and 2 perc
Crumb Night of the Four Moons (1969) - mezzo and ensemble listenbuy
Madrigals Books I & II (1965) - mezzo, flute, double bass and percussion
Edwards Maninya I (1981 rev. 1985) - voice & cello listenbuy
Erkoreka Bizitza (1998) AP - mezzo and ensemble listenbuy
Falla Psyché (1924) - mezzo and ensemble  
Feldman voices and cello (1973) - two voices and cello
Ford Emithalamium (1991) WP - mezzo and string quartet  
Fujikura Still sweet.... (1998) AP - mezzo, flute and viola listenbuy
Gerhard Sept Haiku (1922/1958) - mezzo and ensemble
Granados Tonadillas (1914) - voice and guitar
Hindson Insect Songs (1998) - mezzo and guitar
Kim Three Poems in French (1989) - mezzo and string quartet
Larsen Liebeslied & Do You Know? from Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers (1994) AP - mezzo, cello and piano listenbuy
Macmillan Raising Sparks (1999) - mezzo and ensemble  
Ravel Trois poèmes de Stephane Mallarmé (1913) - mezzo and ensemble
Chansons madécasses (1926) - mezzo, flute, cello and piano
Rodrigo 3 Canciones Españolas (1951) - voice and guitar, Dos poemas - voice and flute
Saariaho Miranda’s Lament (1997) - mezzo and ensemble  
Schafer Minnelieder (1956) - voice, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon
Stravinsky Three songs from William Shakespeare (1953) - mezzo, flute, clarinet and viola
Sutherland The Gentle Waterbird (1954) - voice, violin, piano
The Orange Tree (1938) - voice, clarinet, piano
Whitehead Bright Forms Return (1980) - mezzo and string quartet  
These Isles Your Dream (1983) - mezzo, viola and piano
Yu Three Haiku (1987) - mezzo and cello  
Abbott No ordinary traveller (2006) WP C - mezzo and ensemble  
Andrew Fruit Songs (2000) AP - mezzo and guitar listen
Criosda liom a cadal from Dusk Songs (2006) - mezzo and choir  
Butterley Mysteria Orphei (2008) WP C - mezzo, soprano and ensemble listen
Clement Fracture (2000) AP - mezzo and ensemble listenbuy
Dean Toy Language, Toy Language 2, Word Spotting (2010) WP C - mezzo, trumpet, piano and electronics
Finnissey Motet (2005) AP - mezzo & cello
Gifford Spell Against Sorrow (2003) - mezzo and guitar  
Glowicka Summer’s Day Sonnets (2000 rev. 2004) AP - mezzo and string quartet
Gyger giving voice (2003) WP C - mezzo and ensemble  
Kerry Goodison Quartet #1: Country Music (2004) AP - mezzo and string quartet  
Ligeti Sippál, Dobbál, Nádihegedüvel (2000) AP - mezzo and percussion quartet  
Page apollinairesongs (2002) WP - mezzo and chamber ensemble  
Sitsky A Feast of Lanterns II: Seven Songs from Chinese Sources (2015) WP C - mezzo and ensemble
Letter from the Trenches (2015) WP C - mezzo and ensemble  

Andrew luna-cy AP, Halcyon (2004)
Berio Sinfonia, MPO & The Song Company (2007)
Boyd Jesus reassures his mother (1995) for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone soloists and double choir  
Brahms Liebeslieder Waltzes - Vocalise (1997)  
Edwards Dance Mantras & Alleluyahs , Halcyon, Four Winds Festival (2008)
Gyger Petit Testament WP, Halcyon (2009) listenbuy
From the hungry waiting country WP C, Halcyon (2006) listen
Hair O Venezia AP, Halcyon (2004) listen
Hindemith Six Chansons, Vocalise (1992)  
March Ophélie WP C , Halcyon (2007)  
Reich Daniel Variations AP, Halcyon, Sydney Conservatorium Modern Music Ensemble, 2008
Know what is above you, Halcyon (2006)
Tehillim, Halcyon, Ensemble Offspring, Synergy, 2007; Halcyon, Synergy & Four Winds Festival (2008)  
Music for 18 Musicians, Halcyon, Synergy Percussion, Ensemble Offspring et al (2012)
Saariaho Grammaire des Rêves AP, Halcyon (2002)  
Nuits, Adieux, Halcyon & austraLYSIS (2010)
Nuits, Adieux, Halcyon & VOX (2012)  
Whitehead Nga Haerenga WP, Voiceworks, cond. Francis Greep 2001; Halcyon (2006)  
Wishart VOX II, Halcyon & austraLYSIS (2010)  
Ung Aura AP, Halcyon, Aurora Festival (2008)  
Vocal duets by Lassus, Purcell, Handel
For further Halcyon repertoire for voice/s and ensemble please go to the Halcyon website.

Adams On the Transmigration of Souls WP, Cantillation & SSO (2004)
Harmonium, Cantillation & SSO (2001)
Bach arr. Ward Swingle Little Organ Fugue, Cantillation, Symphony at the Movies
Debussy Nocturnes, Contemporary Singers & SSO (1999)
Edwards Symphony no 4, Cantillation & SSO (2004)
Fauré Requiem, Cantillation (2000) listenbuy
Handel Messiah, Cantillation (2002) listenbuy
Janacek Rikadla, MPO & the Song Company (2007)
Scelsi Yliam, Cantillation and SSO (2006)
Webern Das Augenlicht, Cantillation (2005)
Selected songs by Caccini, G., Campion, Danyel, D'India, Dowland, Frescobaldi, Lambert, Machaut, Purcell, Rosseter and Scarlatti
Selected songs by J.C. Bach, Haydn and Mozart
Berlioz Nuits d'Ete
Canteloube selected Chants d'Auvergne
Dvorak Biblical songs, Gipsy songs
Debussy Trois chansons de Bilitis (1897-98)
Fauré La Bonne Chanson
Gounod Chanson de Printemps
Mahler Rückert lieder
Schumann Frauenliebe und Leben, Maria Stuart lieder
Selected songs by Brahms, Chausson, Duparc, Fauré, Gounod, Hahn, Mahler, Saint-Saens, Schubert, Schumann and Wolf
Barber Hermit Song (1953)
Beeson Two Poems of Edna St Vincent Millay (1992)
Berg Seven early songs (1908)
Bernstein I Hate Music (1943)
Butterley To the Evening Star from Six Blake Songs (1956 rev. 1996)
Cage The year begins to be ripe - solo for voice 49 (1970)
Carter Voyage (1943)
Debussy Trois Chansons de France, Trois Chansons de Tristan l'Hermite (1904-10)
Le Promenoir des Deux Amants (1910)
Falla Siete canciones populares españolas (1914)
Trois Chansons (1909)
Edwards The Hermit of Green Light (1979)
Maninya V (1985)
Fauré Le jardin clos (1914)
Glynn Love in absence, The hour of the parting from Love’s Coming (1986)
Grainger Died for Love, Early One Morning (1906)
Granados Tonadillas (1914)
Gubaidulina Aus den Visionen der Hidegard von Bingen (1994)
Harris Wild Daisies from Wild Daisies (1995)
...inside the rainbow air... (2002) listenbuy
Harvey Lullaby for the unsleeping (1982) listenbuy
Hill, A. Love’s coming, Song be delicate
Hill, M. Song be delicate (1945)
Hui Three Longfellow songs (1985-88)AP
Leeuw Song I & III from Songs and Interludes for voice and piano (1963)
Montsalvatge Canciones para Niños (1953)
Poulenc La Bestiare (1918)
Trois Chansons de Federico Garcia-Lorca (1947)
La Courte Paille (1960)
Quilter (arr. trad) Ye banks and braes
Routley Like Snow (1997)
Satie Quatre petites melodies (1920)
Trois Mélodies (1916)
Ludions (1923)
Schoenberg Saget mir, auf welchen Pfade from Das Buch der hangenden Garten (1908-1909)
Sutherland 5 songs (1936)
Judith Wright settings (1967)
Tippett Songs for Ariel (1962)
Tregaskis Shaw Neilson songs
Turina Poema en forma de canciones (1923)
Webern 3 songs (1899)
White Song (Amores I) (1998)
Selected songs by Barber, Britten, Debussy, Ives, Mahler, Mompou Poulenc, Rorem, and Satie
Dunleavy To the person who left a note on my windshield (2013) WP
Edwards Five Senses (2012) WP
Gyger giving voice (2012) WP C
Jordan Pastime, Echo from Memory (2001) WP
Maclean Distance (2013) WP
Sitsky 4 songs from A feast of lanterns (2013) WP C