Monteverdi L'Orfeo

Orfeo is the often counted as the first true opera, though there were a number before this. Monteverdi chose a fitting subject for his masterwork, and it's a subject very dear to opera composer's hearts.

A recording taken from a live Pinchgut performance in 2004.

Mark Tucker - Orfeo, Sara Macliver - La Musica / Messagiera / Proserpina, Damian Whiteley - Charon/Pluto, Paul McMahon - Pastore / Eco / Plutone, Brett Weymark - Pastore / Eco / Plutone, Penelope Mills - Euridice, Josie Ryan - Ninfa, Anna Fraser - Speranza, Philip Chu, Jenny Duck-Chong, Craig Everingham, Belinda Montgomery, Dan Walker, Raff Wilson - Pastores

Conductor: Antony Walker

Available on iTunes. To hear clips, including a clip of Jenny visit Pinchgut.