The allure of the female voice has long been recognised as having irresistible charm.  Throughout history many legends tell of sailors being lured to their deaths by the dangerous but beautiful sounds of mermaids, sirens or nymphs.  According to Greek mythology Odysseus stuffed his companions’ ears with wax and had himself lashed to the mast of his ship so he and his crew could resist the rich and seductive power of the Sirens’ song.  

Track List

1-3 Dan Walker King Ludwig’s Swans

4. Kerry Andrew luna-cy

5-9 Ruth Lee Martin Carmina Gaedelica

10-11Kaija Saariaho  Nej och inte

12. Edward McGuire  Celtic Knotwork

13-17.Graham Hair  O Venezia Part 1


Alison Morgan soprano, Belinda Montgomery soprano, Jenny Duck-Chong mezzo soprano, Jo Burton mezzo soprano, Genevieve Lang harp

Recorded live at Music Workshop, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, July 2004 by ABC Classic FM.

No longer available