Waltzing Matilda - Songs of Oz

Artists: The Song Company

A new take on some well-known Australiana songs featuring the six voices of the Song Company.  Recorded live in performance.

Jenny features on Jubjubby.


  1. Waltzing Matilda

  2. Six Ribbons

  3. Black Ribbon

  4. Three Torres Strait Islander Songs (Baz Wed, Pyb Mangal Thithuy, Seri Seri / SagerMape Au Sik Sik)

  5. Tommy Tanna (A White Woman to Her Kanaka Swain)

  6. Bound for South Australia

  7. The Don

  8. The Hunt!

  9. Jubjubby

  10. We Must Be Off

  11. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

  12. Waltzing Matilda (Queensland Version)

  13. Botany Bay

  14. Click Go the Shears

  15. The Lime Juice Tub

  16. Lines of a Lovelorn Cowhand

  17. Way Up North (Yodel)

  18. Tie Me Kangaroo Down

  19. Waltzing Matilda

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